Threadable foot valve

Complements Line
Brown Brown 2070302
Gauge ¾"
Brown Brown 2070303
Gauge 1"
Brown Brown 2070305
Gauge 1.1/2"
Brown Brown 2070306
Gauge 2"

Produced in PVC, the ViquaThreadable foot valve  is intended to prevent the return of water through the network, preventing its emptying. Installation must be carried out with the valve in an upright position in clean water networks. Its seals in nitrile rubber have high durability, ensuring the tightness of the product. Produced in PVC, the Viqua valve is less susceptible to corrosion, ensuring longer service life!

Garantia: 1 year
Indicação de temperatura: Maximum operating temperature: 45°
Pressão da água: Maximum working pressure: 8 kgf/cm² ou 80 m.c.a.


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